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Setup a new trend in your Restaurant by MenuDesigner. Present your delicious meals with the brilliant iPad. It's exciting and it's fun to order.

MenuDesigner offers
- Start screen with lots of configurables like backgrounds, fonts, colors, etc
- 4 different views for Starters, Main Dishes, Desserts and Beverages & Drinks
- up to 5 sections per view (to differ Salads, Tappas, Antipasti,....)
- up to 10 x 30 extras per meal
- edit every meal with an own brilliant image of your meal
- easy to use Editor to enter your meals with descriptions und photos
- more than 80 backgrounds for free
- easy to change TabBar Icons

Configure MenuDesigner as you like. Buy just as much views as you need.
Check it for free.

Pay NO annual license fee.

Buy the app just once and use it on all your iPads in your Restaurant without any additional cost.

Available languages:
german, english, turkish, russian, spanish, portuguese, italian, french, japanese, chinese, greek